Asus Laptop Black Screen

Asus Laptop Black Screen

Asus Laptop Black Screen– If you are currently facing a blank screen (black screen) on an Asus laptop. Here are some of the repair solutions that have succeeded in helping other users to solve the Blank Screen (black screen) problem on Asus Laptops.

First Solution: Reset display mode
Sometimes the Blank Screen (black screen) on this Asus laptop is only a nuisance when the operating system loses its connection to the screen display.

So whenever this problem occurs the first thing you can try is to press the Windows logo keyboard key combination, Ctrl, Shift and B at the same time. This method will reset the screen connected to the operating system so that the Blank Screen can easily be overcome.

Second solution:

do a hardware reset of your Asus laptop
All peripheral devices connected to your Asus laptop can also be the cause of the blank screen problem (black screen). If this is the case, you may have noticed that the dots rotate during the boot-up process. So you have to do a hardware reset on your Asus laptop.

Here’s how to do it:

– Turn off your Asus laptop.

– Unplug the power cable (adapter), remove the battery and remove all connected external peripherals from your laptop including the flash drive.

– Let your laptop turn off for 30 seconds. Without battery

– Next Press and hold the power button for about 60 seconds (laptop without battery & electricity)

– Put your battery back into the laptop and reconnect the charger adapter (power cable)

– Restart your laptop as usual.

If the screen is still black, the problem is not with the peripherals. You should move on to the third fix method below.

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